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Ouro Preto - MG - Brazil
CEP: 35400-000
Welcome to Ouro Preto

          Known worldwide as one of the largest and best preserved architectural sites of the colonial period, the city of Ouro Preto preserve not only old facades and narrow streets. The way of living ouropretano also refers us to the past, since the typical cuisine of this mining on the menu everyday until religiosity demonstrated at events like Holy Week where everyone gathers in the manufacture of colored sawdust carpets. Here the traditions go hand in hand with new habits and customs imposed by modernity and this attracts tourists from around the world. The hotels, inns and restaurants as well as university and convention center, make Ouro Preto a city always ready to receive tourists and events throughout the year. Call our reservations center and speak with one of our staff about the best time for your travel. 0800 702 5506 from Monday to Friday from 08 to 18h.

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Visit Ouro Preto on special dates such as Carnival, Holy Week, Tiradentes Day, Labour Day and Corpus Christi.

In any season, Ouro Preto holds great emotion and many attractions for you.      Come see this beautiful city.

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